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Our experience in renovating or building from the ground up on over 5,217 units, has given us an edge that other firms do not have. The majority of these units were on occupied sites and in many instances, occupied units, while renovation occurred. The knowledge gained from those projects has helped us sharpen our focus. We have worked on HUD, USDA Rural Housing, NM MFA, Nevada Housing, and Tax Credit properties owned or managed by Housing Authorities, Non Profit and For-Profit entities. IDeA has over 20 years of experience honoring our skills in working with regulatory bodies.










Service to our clients is Job One, a priority over design for design's sake. We're dedicated to delivering our projects on time, on budget and beyond expectations. To that end we poke, we prod, we pry; posing our questions to elicit our clients' needs and dreams. But most of all we listen, for that's where the best solutions lie. The design then takes care of itself. Because when we truly solve the problem, it's good-looking too.

  • architectural design

  • programming

  • master planning

  • construction management  

  • urban design 

  • facility assessment 

  • development process approvals

  • LEED certification-green design

  • code complication evaluation

"IDeA is extremely knowledgeable of the special requirements of rehabilitating affordable properties and helped us navigate the challenges associated with an occupied rehab. Bob and Drew were extremely detailed and attentive -- they supplied thorough plans, suggested innovative cost-saving ideas, and offered personalized communication.  Not only did they help us build a project both we and our residents are proud of, but their entire team was a delight to work with!"


Diana Mueller,  Community Development Partners



80% of our work has been and continues to be affordable housing. These projects are for both non-profit and for-profit, some pro bono, and come to us almost entirely by word of mouth, based on our reputation and commitment in this area. The New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority (MFA) hires us to be their eyes and ears on many projects, and frequently recommends us developers in search of sympathetic Architects. We've even helped in the formation of non-profits, and know how to steer our way through the bureaucracy.



When it comes to high-performance and green, IDeA has been on a Sustainability path for over 20 years, increasing our commitment to the next level of green-integrating all aspects : lighting, ventilation, landscaping, everything. We look at every angle of building from its Sustainability-water capture, solar, small footprint, ecological and human health. We are only interested in purposeful design, not cosmetic. In creating a building that doesn't more to maintain than it did to build.

ENR SW Magazine awarded Stage Coach a Best Projects of 2013, Green Projects, Award of Merit ! Additionally, our Sawmill Senior Housing project meets the NM Mortgage Finance Authority's Green Building Criteria and was honored with 2018 MFA Design Award and Stage Coach was honored with a 2012 MFA Design Award.

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