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Bob Hall speaks at Weststates Conference 2018

Updated: Aug 10, 2018

Bob Hall's presentation at Weststates property Management Office, Elko, Nevada.

Bob was asked to make a presentation for the second year at Weststates Property Management’s annual Manager and Maintenance three day training in Elko, Nevada.

After working with Westates and The Gregory Development Group for over 23 years as their Architect, developing new and renovation of affordable housing projects, Bob has gained great insight as to the systemic problems that managers and maintenance have to deal with in terms of tenants and property issues. 

His 3 hour presentation “It Didn’t Happen Over Night” outlined the need for Management and Maintenance to work as a TEAM in working with tenants, focusing on preventive maintenance and “training” tenants.  There was great emphasis in working on developing long term tenants who respect the property and staff, meet property cleanliness requirements and are more financially responsible. 

Weststates Property Management Team


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