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Summer Hill Apartments

Las Vegas, Nevada


221 Units




IDeA was recommended to Allied Real Estate Partners, LLC as the architect to renovate the property as part of a HUD #223 (f) LIHTC piolet program accusation rehab of the 221 unit property.  Nevada Housing funds were included in the deal along with their energy improvements for the property.  5% of the units were brought into accessibility compliance.


One of the project challenges was the noncompliance with required Fair Housing project requirements from the original construction.  IDeA worked to minimize the extent of renovation to existing bathroom tub surrounds lacking backing by lobbing HUD as to the options available for retrofitting while saving the existing surrounds all in good condition.  Careful analysis of the existing hydronic heating system allowed reuse of copper piping infrastructure to create a domestic hot water loop, saving energy and water.


Building Area: 45,042 sq. ft. total. 1 Multipurpose Building, and 14 Apartment Buildings containing 221 units.

Structure: Existing Wood Frame

Major Materials and Systems: Painted stucco, EnergyStar shingle roofs, deck water proofing, 100% low VOC hard flooring. Low VOC paints and adhesives. R-50 roof insulation. EnergyStar windows and appliances. Very High-efficiency plumbing fixtures including tankless water heaters for Domestic hot water central building system. New SEER 15.3 condensers and First Co. ceiling units.  A new water treatment system and high efficiency central boiler for domestic hot water.  The project meets HUD and Nevada Housing requirements.

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